Hi Guys, my name is Vince Skillcorn.Vince

I have been doing Judo now for 20 years, I have reached the grade of 3rd Dan and a long with competing for Great Britain through my Judo career I now coach at one of the strongest Judo clubs in the country (Camberley – In my bias opinion). I also train in BJJ and currently graded Blue belt under Wilson Junior at Camberley Carlson Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The idea of this Blog is to talk/discuss about all things Judo, BJJ, training and I will be using this as a platform to post videos/tutorials for techniques and hopefully help people out with their training from the comfort of their home.

Please look through the site at your leisure!

Is there a specific technique you would like to see in a tutorial? If so let me know what and I will do my best to cover it in one of my on line tutorials? Have you seen a technique on YouTube that you would like to be broken down and explained? Once again email me the link and I will do my best to cover it!

Judo Fighting Fitness UK